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Surviving Chipotle Coli

December 9, 2015

As I’m sure you’re aware, there have been a plethora of people getting infected with E. coli after eating at Chipotle.

Chipotle Patrick

I love a good burrito but I don’t really want to catch a disease from fecal matter on a counter top.

At first, I thought I could continue eating Chipotle and just avoid the food that was contaminated. But instead of saying which ingredient was contaminated, they said it was a “very common ingredient.” I’m pretty sure that chicken, rice, sour cream, cheese, quac, and salsa are all common ingredients so then I immediately felt sick to my stomach and thought I was dying. Tim reminded me that I hadn’t eaten Chipotle in weeks and I was just being a crazy person. I asked him to please not break off the engagement due to my insanity. He just laughed so I’m not 100% sure where that stands.

Anyway, here we are and 80 students are sick after eating at Chipotle at Boston College. They’re trying to pass it off as your run of the mill stomach flu which is so LOL. Poor kids just tryng to nurse their hangovers and they got something much worse.

So, I’m continuing my “don’t eat Chipotle” streak and must find a suitable replacement. I guess I could always resort to…MOE’S? The horror!

Moes Chipotle

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