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Five Thing Friday, 01.27.2017

January 27, 2017

1. Tim and I went to happy hour Wednesday night where I had 3 beers like the rebel I am. The next morning was NOT GOOD. Not good at all. The downward slope to 30 is so real, my friends.

2. I got my hair cut the other day for the first time in nearly a year. When she was done I said “I love it! It looks so much better, thank you.” And she responded “Well of course it does.” Thanks, I was looking for confirmation that I looked like shit.
3. I’m becoming obsessed with Instagram stories. Are you following me on the gram?¬†YOU SHOULD BE.

4. I just noticed there are ads in bizarre places on this ole thang. Working on fixing that…so, stay with me, folks.

5. I’ve compiled all of my wedding recaps in one place. Ya know, if you’re bored this weekend and feel like scrolling through some pictures, check it out.

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