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The Newlywed Fifteen

February 1, 2017
newlywed weight gain

Fun fact: College isn’t the only place where you get fat. Marriage is, as well.

In the months before our wedding I was exercising fairly regularly, not drinking alcohol (!),  and definitely staying away from my beloved carbs so I didn’t look like a heffer in my dress. Literally the day after our wedding, that went out the window.

We went on our honeymoon where I was drinking sugary amazing delicious drinks and eating whatever I wanted.

And then it was candy season.

And then Thanksgiving.

And then Christmas.

And then Wednesday.

oprah eating

I think you get the picture.

Most people tend to blame their husbands for this, saying they end up eating more because their husbands do. But, let’s be honest, I would have enjoyed tons of cookies whether Tim was around or not.

oprah eating oreos

For me, it’s been more of a I don’t have a wedding dress to fit into so IDGAF. That is partially true, but I know I’m going to care in 1 month when I can’t wear a massive puffy coat and leggings anymore.

oprah crying

I haven’t worn my Fitbit since mid-December because I don’t like to kid myself. I put it back on this past Saturday because maybe if I see that I’m only walking 800 steps per day, it’ll force my lazy ass to start moving more. If I’m going to continue to eat like crap, I better at least be exercising.

Here’s hoping I get my shit together!

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