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Five Thing Friday, 03.10.17

March 10, 2017

1. This dry shampoo is the BEST if you have dark hair. I will do anything to avoid washing my hair because along with it comes too much effort via blow drying/styling and I am lazy. Most dry shampoo shows white streaks no matter how much I try to rub/comb/fluff it. This stuff is tinted which is awesome, and it’s just a good dry shampoo in general. It doesn’t feel “stiff” like a lot of others – if that makes sense at all.batiste dry shampoo

2. I had been debating giving up either sweets or alcohol for lent. I haven’t given anything up in years, but I’ve gained weight and needed a good excuse. After a Snickers bar somehow ended up in my mouth, alcohol it is. Wish me luck!

3. In Bachelor-related news, Jade and Tanner announced they are expecting. I was not surprised at all since she was shilling some sort of fertility app/drug not too long ago.

P.s. Sean and Catherine Lowe win for the cutest bachelor baby. I highly suggest following them on Instagram if you like cute, chubby babies.

4. I came across an article in US Weekly of Ali Fedotowsky taking about her “body after baby.” I’ve never given birth, so maybe my opinion is irrelevant, but I cannot stand people talking about their body after baby. You’re down 15 pounds 2 days after giving birth? WHAT’S YOUR SECRET? Oh. It’s to…. give… birth? Thanks. Anyway, I thought wow, she’s got her shit together when I read this:

Says Fedotowsky, “Giving birth made me realize how incredible a woman’s body is, so I want to treat mine better.”

But then I lost my pupils for a second from rolling my eyes so hard at this statement:

“I could never give up pasta!” The blogger starts each day with a 6 a.m. bowl of angel hair spaghetti topped with vegan butter and Parmesan cheese. That way, explains the Massachusetts native, “I can burn it off all day.”

She sounds manic. MUST EAT PASTA. BUT MUST BURN CALORIES. MUST EAT AT 6AM AND NEVER STOP MOVING. Look, if you want to lose weight, that’s wonderful, but don’t pretend to be so carefree about it when, in reality, you’re shoveling pasta into your mouth at 6AM to make sure you have enough hours in the day to burn it off.

Is it just me? Or do I still resent the fact that she quit her awesome job at Facebook to date Jake Pavelka.
Image result for jake pavelka ali

5. I have now been sick for one whole week. I barely left my bed last weekend. This weekend, I hope to do some cleaning, so pretty wild. Hey, I’m not drinking, remember?


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