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Bachelor Rejects: Where Are They Now? (JAKE PAVELKA)

March 22, 2017

We need to wait 2 months until we can fully immerse ourselves in Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette, and I don’t know about you guys, but I certainly need something Bachelor-related to focus on in the meantime.

Welcome to my new blog series:
Bachelor-Rejects: Where Are They Now?
We’re starting with Jake Pavelka because someone mentioned him recently and I started singing “On the Wings of Love” immediately. Do you guys remember this tool? He was a pilot and the producers planned basically every date in a helicopter while playing that stupid song. I couldn’t find any videos from the show but I DID find this which was even better.

 CLASSIC. I didn’t have the pleasure of blogging this season, but I remember this was one of the first seasons I started thinking “This show is just full of hilarious entertainment.” Jake and Vienna broke up shortly after the show due to the fact that he was a raging lunatic and emotionally abused her. I just wasted SO much time watching their infamous break-up interview, so I’ll leave you with the last and most important part so you can just waste a little bit of time.

Since The Bachelor? Jake competed on DWTS right after his horrid season. From 2011-2014 he guest-starred on The Bold and the Beautiful as “Kyle the pilot” because OF COURSE HE DID. There are a few other notable film appearances – a web series, Drop Dead Diva, and Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off.
He is still flying – or claims to be, based on his Instagram.

Piloting is my passion! Blessed to be a pilot!

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However, based on his website, IMDB page, and television appearances, he’s trying to become a legitimate actor which is just LOL on so many levels.

I assume Nick will be following in his acting footsteps. Maybe they’ll get a failed reality show like Ben and Lauren and “The Twins.”

Want to know what your (least) favorite Bachelor/ette contestant is doing these days? Let me know and I’ll dig up some dirt.

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