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WP Beginner Review

March 29, 2017

When I started this Z-list blog of mine, I just wanted a way to complain about physical activity and Oprah – okay, that’s still all I want – but I wasn’t looking for anything fancy. WordPress.com seemed to be the easiest to navigate for someone who knew nothing about blogging, so that’s what I chose.

Fast forward a few years. After repeatedly saying that I was going to try to grow my blog, I’m actually trying to do that. Will I be successful? Probably not. But I’d at least like the option, damnit.

After a lot of research, I decided to self-host and switch over from WordPress.com to WordPress.org. You can read about the differences here. After days of reading tutorials and watching YouTube videos, I still had no idea how to export and migrate my content.

I then found WP Beginner, which told me that if I used their affiliate link to purchase a hosting site, they’d migrate all my stuff FO FREE. It sounded too good to be true, so I searched for reviews and found ONE (that I can’t even find now) that said they used the service and it was great. It made sense that it wasn’t a scam since they would be making money through their affiliate link, so I went ahead and did it.

I purchased a domain through Bluehost due to the mere fact that I had heard of them before. So far, I’ve had no issues.

From there, I was told to email my receipt to WP Beginner and they’d start the export process. I emailed Thursday 1/5 and received a response on Friday 1/6 from Jeremy. He asked for my WordPress.com log-in information. I changed my password to something completely random and sent him the info.

On Monday 1/9, Jeremy emailed to tell me they were almost done with the migration process. He asked me to review, and if it looked good, to change the nameservers. I had a question about how to do so and emailed him back right away. He answered my question easily, but I didn’t receive that response until Wednesday, 1/11. I then completed the steps and by Thursday 1/12 everything was completed!

Side note: I only mention the time frame because the other review I read said they got immediate responses and their whole process was completed within 48 hours. It didn’t necessarily bother me that it took a week. I honestly was expecting longer, plus this is a FREE service. It was just unexpected based on the review I had read. So just an FYI, don’t expect this to be done overnight.

So, it’s legit. Not a scam, my friends. Overall, I would absolutely recommend using WP Beginner if you’re looking to migrate and self-host your blog. If you’re technically savvy, it’s probably not necessary, but for someone like me it was so so worth it.

Now I just have to figure out how to get more readers. NO BIG DEAL. IT’S FINE. I’M  NOT EVEN THINKING ABOUT IT.

  1. Are you in Facebook groups? I sometimes share when it’s relevant on my moms groups. It had a big impact on my stats. If there was a bachelor group or a gossip group, you’d be a hit.

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