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Finding Inspiration for Your Unique Fall Wedding Colors

April 11, 2017

The following post is a guest post from a collaboration I did with Honeyfund. Enjoy, fall brides!

Fall foliage colors are wildly popular for fall weddings – they are traditional and comforting. Who can resist a palette that allows you to dress your party in flattering burgundy with gold accents, against linens of ivory and chocolate brown and centerpieces with beautiful stems of antique green and ivory hydrangea. Add pumpkin luminaries lining the walkways and glittery cracked glass votive candles all around, and you have a recipe for an irresistible, traditional fall wedding.

However, regionally speaking, fall foliage is just one interpretation of harvest season. If you live in a western state, turquoise bridesmaid dresses against adobe clay linens with lapis lazuli accent napkins and a variety of grey-green succulents might feel far more like home to you. No one vision of fall fits every couple.

If you’re interested in finding something less traditional for your fall wedding palette, you have numerous sources of color inspiration to turn to. Try taking a look at:

The World Around You -You can find inspiration for seasonal color palettes in so many different places (if you are planning a colorful Hawaii for your wedding – better). Turning to nature when you are planning your wedding is a great first step. Look beyond just the leaves in the fall. Study the color of the sky at sunrise and sunset. Notice the way that interesting local architecture stands out differently against the fall sky than it does in other seasons.

Gazing over the waters of a local lake or beachfront may open your mind to your own pairing of turquoise bridesmaid dresses, and perhaps a woody brown or something blush as an accent. Only your imagination can limit your wedding color options.

The Runways – Fashion is a great gauge of what is popular during a particular season and year. Check out magazines, blogs and websites to see what colors are “en vogue”. Each year designers present their vision for the next year’s styles at Fashion Week events in the spring and fall. Editors eat up the photos from these events and they can be found all over social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram as soon as they are released.

Advice from the Color Experts – On the same note, Pantone, the “world-renowned authority on color” spends every year studying color trends. The organization releases a “Color of the Year” along with several complementary hues. This list is highly influential in design and helps set the trends for the coming year. There are tools on the Pantone website that can help a couple choose colors that work best together and plenty of suggestions for getting the most from your palette of choice.

Interior Design – Not every couple realizes, but many of the best wedding color palettes are derived from interior design and home décor. Look for catalogs from big names like Ikea, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, and even popular retailers like Target. The colors you see in these publications reflect what will be hot in the coming season. Studying these is a great way to gain inspiration without directly copying other wedding photos, giving you a chance to create a more unique approach to your own décor.

Home Stores – The paint aisle of home improvement stores is another great resource for inspiration. You can browse, compare, and even gather samples of different colors to help you narrow down what will work best for your beautiful wedding.

You can draw inspiration for your fall wedding color palette from literally any source that inspires you. Try looking at the world from a new perspective and you are certain to find your own perfect fall wedding colors.

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