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The Bachelorette, Week 5 Part 2: Penguin Man is Still Here

June 28, 2017

Last night on The Bachelorette, we picked up where we left off with Kenny maniacally laughing at Lee. He proceeded to curse him out to which Lee responded “Jesus loves you.” Kenny came back with “Well Jesus doesn’t love you,” before continuing to have every other word out of his mouth bleeped out. Cursing is great, Kenny, but I was promised you were going to punch him in the face.

Rachel ended up telling Lee that she doesn’t trust him and sent him home. She told Kenny she wanted to spend more time to get to know him before she gave him the rose. They were about to get into a helicopter to continue their date, but Kenny just couldn’t let the whole thing go. He went back to talk to Lee and reiterate that he hates him. Rachel sat in the helicopter waiting for him, understandably annoyed. Kenny, you are so stupid.

Rachel ended up giving Kenny the rose and he went back to his room to FaceTime with his daughter, who is so adorable.

Rachel sent home Anthony and Josiah. HALLELUJAH. If I had to listen to Josiah talk about how great he was and how better he was than the other guys for any longer, I would have flipped. We are somehow left with 8 guys already. Two of which are penguin man and doll man. Poor Rachel got such an awful group.

Eric got the one-on-one date and for the first time I somewhat understood why she likes him. They have a very playful and fun relationship.

Eric told Rachel he’s never been in love before but he knew he was falling for her. He ended up getting the rose, of course.

For the group date, the guys had to fight like Vikings. Both Kenny and Adam were cut and bleeding near their eyes after their fight. Kenny ended up proudly winning.

Bachelorette Vikings

Bryan continued to sweet talk Rachel and I still can’t figure out if he’s genuine or full of shit. Rachel definitely believes it. Peter, on the other hand, is so dreamy AND I think he’s genuine. Don’t be a dummy, Rach. Pick. Peter.

Kenny and Rachel had a serious convo about their relationship. He basically said that he didn’t want to introduce Rachel to his daughter if they weren’t going to end up together. Obviously she couldn’t give him that guarantee so they agreed he should go home. Honestly, I can’t emotionally handle Kenny crying whenever he talks to his daughter so this is for the best for myself, TBH.

Peter got the group date rose because he is the best.

Will and Rachel went to Sweden for their date. Day date to Sweden? Someone got a higher travel budget this season! Rachel said that something was missing with Will because the most he did all day was hold her hand. He later told her that he was always physically intimate and Rachel was like ‘scuse me – you haven’t touched me all day! He did not get the rose.

After excusing herself to cry in private, Rachel gave roses to Bryan, Dean, Penguin Man, and doll man (Peter and Eric already had them). How are we already down to the final six?

I guess this confirms that the top four are Bryan, Peter, Eric, and Dean. Can we just skip next week?

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