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Some Pretty Big News Around Here

July 5, 2017

If you could have guessed, my radio silence during non-Bachelor time was completely unintended. I had high hopes to seriously blog more and had a million ideas to post about.

But instead, Tim and I found out we would be having a baby in November!

I immediately forgot about the blog. I spent the first 14 weeks or so with some serious fatigue and going to sleep at 7PM every night didn’t really give me the time or energy to blog.

Alas, I am now 21.5 weeks, I am (somewhat) less tired, and now that it’s in the blog world, I hope to be around these parts more often. I have a lot of drafts saved that I wrote when all I could do was eat bagels and sleep, so I will be sharing more in the coming weeks – both pregnancy and non-pregnancy related.

I am so happy to announce this on my little old blog. We are absolutely thrilled and equally petrified. But we’re supposed to be, right? RIGHT!?

  1. Congrats! Yes you are supposed to be terrified…but it’s the best thing you can ever experience. Enjoy your pregnancy and best of luck.

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