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The Bachelorette, Week 6: What’s Your Favorite Dinosaur?

July 11, 2017

Last night on The Bachelorette, the final 4, along with penguin man and doll man, went to to Geneva, Switzerland with Rachel.

Bryan got the first one-on-one date and the guys pretended to be surprised that he is a front runner. They got to drive around in a Bentley and then Rachel bought them each a watch like some sort of sugar mama. Maybe she was making sure he’d be good at modeling watches for Instagram. Maybe I’ve just been drinking the Peter/Dean koolaid, but I think Bryan is full of shit and just saying what she wants to hear. Either way, she ate it up, they sucked a LOT of face, and he got the rose.

Dean got the second one-on-one date, and doll man was again surprised for some reason. Rachel told Dean they would be going to church and he was like wait what? I heard we were all getting watches and Bentleys. After church, they chatted while Dean internally panicked that Rachel would hate his crazy family. Rachel tried to get him to open up and he asked if she believed in the tooth fairy and then asked what her favorite dinosaur was. DEAN. You are auditioning to be the bachelor – please act like it! He finally told Rachel about his awful family dynamic and how he’s dreading Rachel meeting his family. Ugh poor Dean. Rachel obviously was like umm I don’t care about that just introduce me to who you want and make-out with me and take this rose.

Peter got the third one-on-one and they went to the Swiss Alps to have a serious conversation about their relationship where Peter literally had ice in his hair. They looked freezing and miserable and then voluntarily rolled around in the snow while making out. He obviously got the rose.

Eric, Matt, and Adam went on the final group date. Adam said the word that stood out on the card was “difficult.” For me it was “Matt” and “Adam” that stood out because I didn’t think Rachel knew their names.

Adam doll man went into this date with the blind confidence that he had the “strongest relationship with Rachel.” How sad. When Matt penguin and Rachel talked she cried as she sent him home. I was confused by the rest of this entire date for two reasons. 1. Why is this the first time we’ve been introduced to Adam since he brought a ventriloquist doll in the first episode? 2. How in the WORLD does Rachel like Eric? He seems so dull and dumb.

Rachel was conflicted on who she should give the rose to. Guess what Rach? That means you don’t like either of them so send them both home. She ended up giving the rose to Eric.

Predictions: Bryan and Peter are final two. I want so badly for her to pick Peter but she seems to be under Bryan’s sketchy spell…

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