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Five Thing Friday, 07.14.2017

July 14, 2017

1. I started putting together a baby registry this week. By “started putting together” I mean I went to the saved list I made my sister put together for me because #firsttimemom and I know nothing. So, if you have any obscure (or not) things you think I should add, gimme a shout.

2. When Tim works late, I take the opportunity to watch shows that he would never want to watch. Recently, I started Parenthood. I’ve only watched 2 episodes and I’m already hooked. I feel like I will end up crying a lot. Am I correct?

3. I realize I talk about TV an abnormal amount, and I am not ashamed of my lazy. It’s too effing hot to be outdoors this week anyway, so Tim and I started watching the game show¬†The Wall. It is basically Plinko but you also have to answer questions correctly. We are addicted (and watching as I’m blogging right now). It’s on demand. Enjoy when you need some ridiculous entertainment.¬†

4. I only ate ice cream ONCE this week, so I think that’s a serious achievement with cutting down on my sugar intake. I am still enjoying an occasional (watered down) lemonade because it makes me feel like I’m having a delicious summer cocktail while Tim drinks Sam Summer and I cry on the inside. And on the outside.

5. I had a MAJOR craving for nachos after seeing a commercial for Applebee’s or something, and I finally fulfilled my craving this week. So, less sugar but I will never give up cheese.

(Guac, salsa, etc. added after pic was taken and immediately inhaled).


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