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Five Thing Friday, 07.21.2017

July 21, 2017

1. There’s nothing quite like the sweet hell of pregnancy sweat in summer. Coupled with #nothighgap, it’s particularly awful. I forgot to put on my glide one day and it was not pretty. Get it – pregnant or not – thank me later.

2. Ryan Seacrest will be hosting the American Idol reboot. This guy is going to be in a wheelchair still hosting this show in 40 years. Meanwhile, Brian Dunkleman is sitting in his basement watching From Justin to Kelly on repeat, re-living his glory days.

3. This happened and made me way more excited than it should. Follow for follow, Kaitlyn?

4. I’ve probably mentioned this, but my acne is ATROCIOUS. Pregnant glow, my ass. Recommendations? Don’t say Rodan and Fields – I want to still be able to eat, so something affordable please.

5. Honestly, still hoping I get a response from this.

Have a wonderful weekend, you guys!


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