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First Trimester Thoughts and BOY or GIRL?

July 24, 2017

Before I dive into this post, I realized that most of you who read this blog know me IRL and know if we’re having a little Erica or a little Tim. For those few of you who aren’t our family/friends and follow me for your own amusement (thank you!), we are having a BOY! We genuinely didn’t care as long as baby was healthy (he is). I pretty much knew it was a boy from the beginning – mother’s intuition or 50/50 shot that I got right? Who knows? But there ya go 🙂

I am now 24 weeks (HOW?) so I’m more than halfway through my second trimester, but I didn’t want to deprive you of the notes saved in my phone of what was going through my crazy head during the first trimester. Based on the date, I wrote this when I was about 8.5 weeks.

First Trimester Thoughts

1. Why am I sleeping for 12+ hours and still feel like I could pass out at any minute?
2. Why am I crying at nothing?
3. Why am I crying at this car commercial?
4. I’m glad I haven’t puked but this constant nausea is welcome to GTFO.
5. Screw everyone who says you’re not supposed to gain weight during the first trimester. That is literally impossible when all I can eat are bread and crackers.
6. I will surely give myself and this child diabeetus.
7. Is that a donut?
8. I’m so tired.
9. Maybe it’s a girl since my acne is so terrible and they say that girls make you break out and boys give you that pregnant glow –> (We’re going to have a SERIOUS discussion when he gets here).

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