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The Bachelorette Rachel, Week 8: Peter FTW

July 25, 2017

Last night on The Bachelorette, Rachel took the three remaining guys to Dallas to meet her family. Rachel’s sister was pregnant and wouldn’t be able to travel once there were only two guys remaining, so they decided the final three would meet them early, instead of just the final two. Scandalous.

Peter made sure to tell Rachel he was falling in love with her and she said she was falling in love with him, too. It seems like Rachel is going to be throwing around the L bomb like she’s Ben Higgins. They went to meet her family and her father was once again absent, just like he was on Nick’s season. I’m convinced that he refuses to be a part of this circus and I don’t blame him. At first, her family was all (understandably) skeptical, but Peter quickly won them over and they loved him by the end. Peter told her mom that he didn’t want to ask for her permission to marry Rachel until he was certain. HALLELUJAH PETER. In 15 years, every dude is like “so if I make up my mind and want to, can I marry your daughter?” I kind of think the whole “asking permission” is unnecessary but if you’re going to do it on this show, that’s how to do it. Kathy appreciated that, as did I. Peter FTW.

Meanwhile, Bryan and Eric talked about how weird it was that Peter said he may not propose to Rachel at the end. Bryan doesn’t comprehend that not everyone is a smooth talker just to be a smooth talker. In reality, it’s pretty damn normal for Peter to not be sure if he should propose to a woman he’s known for 2 months and been on 3 dates with, you Josh Murray 2.0. Later on, Peter made it clear that he doesn’t like Bryan which tells me everything I thought I knew about Bryan was true: He sucks.

Eric was up next to meet the family. They all seemed to like him but they kept comparing her relationship with him to what they saw with Peter and it didn’t really match that level – obviously. Eric asked Rachel’s mom for her hand in marriage and she said she’d feel comfortable with that if Rachel chose him. Blah.

Rachel and Bryan and their stupid matching watches went to meet a few of Rachel’s friends first, which was a horrifying revelation. She’s picking Bryan. He’s the only one who met friends first, which is huge. Ugh. She told her friends she thought he was a douchebag when she first met him – trust your gut, Rach. Bryan said his rehearsed speech in front of Rachel’s family about how he feels about Rachel and Kathy saw right through him. She asked about what would happen if Rachel didn’t get along with his mom and he reluctantly said “loyalty would be with my wife.” His relationship with his mom is bizarre and Rachel is just pretending it’s totally normal. No thanks. They were all skeptical of Bryan and I’m so happy someone finally called him out. Rachel was so upset they were giving him a hard time. If I introduced someone to my family and friends and they were all saying “I don’t know, this guy seems like an insincere ass,” I’d take a step back and reassess. Come on, Rachel. It ended up being an okay visit. Bryan also asked Kathy for her permission to ask Rachel to marry him. Unfortunately, she said yes.

Overnight Dates

After meeting her family, Rachel took her three boyfriends to Spain to bang them in private. Rachel ordered a glass of wine, took one sip, and then walked away. What a waste. Girl, you think money grows on Instagram posts or something!? Oh wait, it does now.

Eric and Rachel took a helicopter ride before drinking wine somewhere with a gorgeous view. Eric spent the entire time trying to muster up the courage to tell Rachel he loves her. Meanwhile, Rachel told us it was “now or never” for Eric to tell her he loves her. I don’t know who made the rule that these people have to say I love you after 4 dates but it’s just insane. Anyway, he ended up saying it because he knew it was a death sentence if he didn’t. Poor guy didn’t realize he was going home either way like the rest of us did. Eric read the fantasy suite invitation card and they obviously accepted. Eric said he felt happy that he allowed himself to “feel things that he never felt before” – like Rachel.

Peter and Rachel went to vineyard to do a wine tasting. The owner was talking to them in Spanish. Too bad Bryan wasn’t there to translate because he’s the best Spanish-speaker to ever speak Spanish. (I hate Bryan, if that wasn’t clear enough).

Later on, Peter pulled out the cork he saved from the bottle of wine they drank to write something on it to commemorate the occasion and Rachel responded “Peter for the win!” YES. Side note: I don’t know if Peter is actually that great or if it’s just compared to the other dingbats that makes him seem so amazing. But whatever, he seems perfect for her. They had a serious convo about the fact that he may not be ready to propose in a week. Rachel told us that for the first time ever, she was not sure if her and Peter would work out. And then…

To be continued… 

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