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24 Week Pregnancy Update

July 27, 2017

Hi friends! Leave it to me to wait until 24 weeks to do legit pregnancy updates, but here we go.

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Baby size: A footlong sub (BTW pregnantchicken.com is the best if you’re not already reading it).


Symptoms: I am officially in the “easy” part of pregnancy where I no longer feel like I could pass out at any minute. I had low-grade constant nausea until about 14 weeks (but never actually got sick), so it’s nice to be able to eat food other than bagels and more bagels.

Body: I am showing. Like, there’s no mistaking it at this point. Strangers at work are now asking me if I’m pregnant, and some of the comments I’ve gotten are ridiculous. I may have to have a separate post for that.

Currently Missing: Sam Adams Summer Ale. There, I said it. It’s 90 degrees and I’m sweating and the sweet taste of a cold beer would be amazing right now.

Sleep: I’m sleeping okay. I am getting up more to go to the bathroom which I thought shouldn’t happen until I was like 38 weeks so that’s annoying (but still only 1-2 times a night). I pee constantly when I’m not pregnant so I should have expected it.

Cravings: I don’t think I’ve actually had any pregnancy-related cravings. I usually want pizza and ice cream, but I usually want that when I’m not pregnant soooo. On the flip side, I don’t really have any food aversions. Although, I’m having trouble being around raw chicken (thank you chef Tim). Again, I feel like this is kind of gross when I’m not pregnant too, so who knows.

Reading: My sister-in-law gave me The Magic of Motherhood when we first knew I was pregnant (thanks Julia!) and I read it within like 2 days. Just FYI, you will probably cry a bit from it – thanks hormones.

Other than that, I’m reading the typical pregnancy What to Expect When You’re Expecting and baby name books, because we still don’t have a name for this guy.

What else should I be reading? Lemme know.

Buying: We are moving (more on this soon!) so I’m trying to refrain from buying stuff until then, except when I found an amazing deal on Amazon Prime Day for a crib and snatched that guy up. It’s still in the box but it’s this one for those who care. I’m sure I’ll be sharing some nursery pictures once that is finished.

Excited for: Moving and setting up the nursery! Like I said, I will definitely share photos once everything is all ready for our little guy 🙂


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