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Avocado Hand is Real

July 28, 2017

In lieu of your regularly scheduled 5 Thing Friday, I need to share a story.

I was innocently trying to make guac for delightful burrito bowls on Tuesday night. We make this weekly. I had mastered the pit removal. I recently read an article about how “avocado hand” injuries were on the rise because of everyone’s obsession with one of my (former) favorites. And I remember thinking “wow, people need to be more careful.” I hear you karma, I hear you. And you are the bitch that everyone says you are.

So, this particularly perfectly ripe avocado betrayed me. As I went to bang in the knife to get rid of the pit, it slipped, and instead of enjoying a burrito bowl, I was holding wads and wads of paper towels on my finger at 8PM on as Tim drove me to the hospital.

Luckily, they don’t think I did any severe damage since I was able to move my finger. Two hours later I was walking out with 5 stitches and this stunner on my finger.

Let this be a PSA: avocado hand is a real thing. Be careful out there.

When we came back home to the scene of the crime, the avocado pit was on the floor staring at me like the POS that it is. I’m boycotting for a while – or just buying pre-made guac – whatever.

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