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Five Thing Friday, 10.27.17

October 27, 2017

1. Kelly Clarkson’s new album came out today, which I am currently listening to. Girlfriend is not here to play. Move aside Taylor Swift.

2. Tim has had to work late a few nights this week which means I watch awful Netflix shows that he hates. I’ve been catching up on Scandal (I’m in season 6 now). What in the actual hell has happened to this show? I can’t stop watching because now I need to know how it ends but it’s just so ridiculous. Olivia has gone BATSHIT CRAY. Gladiators no more. It’s just strange. I do love me some Mellie though.

3. It is finally starting to feel like Fall here, which my huge stomach is appreciating since I can now just wear leggings and giant sweaters.

4. Target Is Taking on ‘Christmas Creep,’ Just in Time for Thanksgiving – Apparently a few people who want to ruin it for the rest of us complained about Christmas displays in November, and Target listened. But here’s the thing – they said they still fully intend on having merchandise out, just not signs at the entrance. So, basically still the same as always. PHEW.

5. Tim’s family is throwing us a second baby shower here this weekend. This kid will have already had 2 parties for him before he’s even born. Lucky little babe 🙂

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