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Dominic at 6.5 Weeks

December 20, 2017

Oh hi there. I’m just checking in to write an update on Dominic’s first 6.5 weeks of life. That’s a popular milestone, right?

I mostly just want to write this to remember stuff for myself so feel free to ignore these posts if you’re not into baby stuff. The Bachelor will still be here when you need it (don’t get me started on Janu-Arie).

I truly don’t know where the past month and a half went. They aren’t kidding when they say the beginning is just survival mode. We survived! And still are.

Dominic is now smiling at us. A couple of days after he turned one month he gave me his first “real” gummy smile. I like to think the ones before that were real too and they weren’t just farts. Now his smiles are way more frequent, except when he’s hungry.

On that same day, he rolled from tummy to back while we were doing tummy time. I thought it was a fluke, but I can now remember monly one or two times when he has not rolled during tummy time. If you hate something enough you can do anything you put your mind to, I guess. Good job, Dominic.

Having a fall/winter baby can be rough and cabin fever is real. We’ve been advised to keep him away from crowds due to flu season (until he has his 2 month vaccinations) which makes sense. Luckily “winter” here so far has been in the 50s so we’ve gotten some walks in.

On the few cold and “snowy” (a dusting = snow here) days, we’ve baked and decorated for Christmas.

Dominic loves his swing. Like lovessss it and I think I’m creating a terrible habit.

He also loves waking up in the middle of the night and not going back to sleep. It is 1:57 AM as I write this and try avoid eye contact with his bug eyes staring at me.

Bath time is the best. This was not always the case and he used to scream but now tubby time is the greatest thing in the world.

Riding in the car is also the best but you’re dreaming if you think red lights and stop signs are acceptable traffic signals to obey.

Some babies coo, our baby growls. Thanks, little guy.

He’s been in 3 month clothes for a few weeks and we may need to go to 6 months sooner than I thought. He’s a tall boy and his sleepers are starting to get snug. I wonder where he gets his height from. 😉

Breastfeeding is going well, I think. It can be challenging (like I wanna eat my enchiladas and you chose now to cluster feed kind of challenging) but I’m loving it. I am not loving pumping. Dear moms who exclusively pump, how?? Kudos to you.

His nails. I file them almost daily. He scratches himself almost daily. DOES NOT COMPUTE.

Tim went back to work this week. I realize how lucky we both were that he was able to be home with us for 6 weeks. To say I became used to having him around would be a huge understatement. Still, I think Dominic and I have done okay during our first few days alone.

Sleep be damned, it’s been the best 6.5 weeks of my life. You’d be surprised how well you can function on four  1 to 2-hour naps every night. 

Worth it.

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