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Five Thing Friday 12.22.17

December 22, 2017

1. Two blog posts in one week?! Who am I? Let’s just say that Dominic has continued to allow me to blog in the middle of the night. It’s wonderful for posting, it’s awful for sleeping.

2. I’ve been getting in my fill of Christmas movies this week, both Hallmark and normal. This post in particular really spoke to me.

3. The amount of cookies I’ve eaten the past few weeks is pretty impressive. Having a November baby is great timing for me come January. Holiday weight? No, no. This is still extra baby weight.

4. How does one tiny human make such a mess? I am doing laundry daily.

5. And just like that, Christmas is just a few days away. It always goes so fast! That’s why it is acceptable to start listening to a Christmas music after Halloween. Have a wonderful weekend and Merry Christmas!

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