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The Snarky Scoop Has a Facebook Page

January 8, 2018

Nearly 5 years ago (I’ve been blogging that long?!) I wrote a post about how I would likely delete Facebook and about two weeks later, I did just that and I haven’t looked back. It was an remains an absolutely wonderful decision and one I intend to keep.

I do not have a Facebook account for personal use (well it’s there because I needed it to create this page but I won’t use it) but I wanted to create something for the blog.

There isn’t much there, but hopefully I will figure out the workings of Facebook after being away from it for so long. I’ve never felt more like a mom than when trying to set up this account…

I THINK I finally figured it out. Follow me – or like my page – whatever the cool thing is to do on FB – HERE.

Happy Bachelor Monday, friends!

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