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The Bachelor Arie, Week 2: Demolition Derby and Krystal is the Worst?

January 9, 2018

Last night’s episode opened with Arie throwing on a leather jacket and sunglasses before hopping on a motorcycle trying to be cool. Chris Harrison told the ladies that Arie was hopeful one of them would be his wife. They seemed confused. They thought this was a show to get more Instagram followers for their liketoknowit posts.

One-on-one Date – Becca

Becca K. got the first one on one and was told to “hold on tight” as Arie pulled up on his bike to pick her up. Rachel Zoe showed up on their date and Becca tried on a crap ton of dresses to wear that night and modeled them for Arie. She ended up getting to keep all of them. And Louboutins. And jewelry from Neil Lane. What!? Did Arie buy all of this himself? It would make sense that he’d have to flash his money to get these girls to like him. They kissed and Becca said “the girls were totally right,” as in everyone else that kissed him was right when they said he was a good kisser! A totally normal statement when discussing your boyfriend. At dinner that night, Becca told him about her tough break-up and her father’s death. Arie told him she got to keep her pretty earrings. DEEP. They made out more before confetti fell down because apparently she just won some sort of contest. Worst boyfriend ever contest, I guess.

One-on-one Date – Krystal

Krystal’s date card said “home is where the heart is” and all the girls were flipping out trying to figure out what it meant. Not surprisingly, it meant that Arie was taking Krystal to his hometown in Scottsdale, AZ. Since when are hometowns on the first date? He showed her his high school, where he had his first kiss, and where he had his first job at Pizza Hut before taking her to his house. They looked through photo albums and watched home videos and then Arie took her to meet his parents. What is happening? Nick Viall 2.0 is something I absolutely did not need. They went to dinner at a restaurant where Krystal continued to speak all of her sentences like they were questions while I continued to bang my head against the wall listening to her. After seeing Arie’s picture perfect family, Krystal shared that her parents were divorced, her brother is homeless, and she had to grow up at a very young age. Arie said it was okay because he has “friends with different upbringings” and gave her a rose before heading to a private concert. They listened to Connor Duermit – whoever that is – serenade them as they danced. At least it wasn’t country music for once.

Group Date

The girls had to compete in a demolition derby and were greeted by Arie once again being a try-hard driving around in his car. Annaleise was crying because she was so scared. I assumed she was in a bad car accident or something, but she told the girls she was scared while doing bumper cars as a child. Annaleise ended up going balls to the walls. Bibiana, not surprisingly, smashed the shit out of everyone. Seinne ended up winning.

Later on, Chelsea told Arie that she has a son and that being on the show is more important to her because of that since she wants the most Instagram followers so she can make money for her and her son. Seinne told Arie she went to Yale. So this girl is gorgeous AND smart? Arie at least knew he didn’t compare since he “barely graduated high school and worked at Pizza Hut.” Bibiana was pissed because she didn’t have solo time with Arie. During her freak out, Arie made out with Bekah the Nanny, who I found out is TWENTY TWO. Arie is 36. I am absolutely disgusted. Arie did a fake out with the rose and acted like he was giving it to Chelsea before he actually gave it to Seinne. Loved it.

Cocktail Party

Bekah and Arie made out more and Arie thought she could be the whole package. Can someone call CPS? Where are this girl’s parents? Krystal took Arie aside and everyone was pissed because she already had a rose. Krystal continued to not share information with the girls about her date with Arie, as though they have some sort of special relationship. I feel like Arie is already over her. Bibiana finally got time before Krystal interrupted and she flipped. She told Krystal that she’d listen to her when she learned how to speak in a real tone. Agreed. I kind of love Bibiana. I think she meant to sign up for Big Brother, though.

Rose Ceremony

Jenny, one of the Laurens, and some redhead I’ve never seen before went home. Jenny walked out crying without saying goodbye to Arie. He followed her out and she told him “I don’t think this is for me.” He already sent you home, so you can’t save yourself with that line anymore. She then told him she wasn’t sad because of him but she was going to miss her new friends. I sort of believe it but then she was saying that this was the first time she’s ever been dumped. BOO HOO.

I wonder how often we’ll work cars and racing into the next episode.

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