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Dominic at 2 Months (Plus Baby Favorites)

January 11, 2018

My last Dominic update was at 6.5 weeks, he is now 9.5 weeks (turned 2 months last Thursday – I’m very consistent with these updates). I can’t believe he’s already 2 months (and 1 week) old. He is getting so big and we now have him in 6 month clothes. He’s weighing in at a whopping 13.5 lbs and measuring 23 3/4 inches. He gets his appetite from both of us and his height from his Daddy. I love his thigh rolls so much. He had his first round of vaccines, which he handled well at the time. A quick scream and then calmed down once I held and nursed him. We had extra crying and fussiness later that night, but once we got him to sleep (AKA Tim took him for a drive) we were good to go. This was all more upsetting for me because I felt so bad for his tiny (big) thighs that got poked.


Dominic has been giving us a longish stretch (3-4 hours) of sleep at night, followed by 2-hour stretches. This is fairly consistent, and it much better than the all night 1-2 hour stretches we were getting, so I’ll take it! He sleeps in his pack n play on the flat bassinet part pretty well. I think if we kept him in the rock ‘n play or something similar we’d get longer stretches, but we’ve done the pack ‘n play since day 1 so I don’t want to “go backwards” at this point since he’s used to it. His HALO Sleepsack definitely helps. I don’t think he likes being completely snug so this lets him move his legs with just his arms swaddled. The arm swaddle is necessary. I have tried without and he just flails around on the mattress after a few minutes.

He also loves the pacifier. If I could invent a way to keep that thing in his mouth while he’s sleeping without having to get up and do it myself, I’d be rich and well-rested.


Naps happen in the swing and swing alone. I tried putting him in his crib once for a nap after I rocked him “just to see” and was greeted with screams and possible trust issues about 5 minutes later.

He doesn’t do great when he’s sleeping on us as much anymore, either. He would, but sometimes I need to move my arm, or breathe, and he’s just too aware and it will wake him sometimes. So, we stick with his swing. We have the Fisher-Price Deluxe Cradle ‘n Swing in Rainforest Friends. It can plug into the wall so we’re not going through a million batteries, and he loves the music it plays. He also loves staring at himself in the little mirror. So much so, that our little diva kept getting distracted by his beautiful mug as he was falling asleep one day that I had to cover it with a piece of paper.

He definitely loves the swing more than his pack ‘n play and sometimes sleeps 3+ hours in there. It is a wonderful thing.


Dominic has been loving his playmat lately. He kicks and swats at everything like crazy and it is the one place I can leave him for 10 seconds without him yelling at me.

He likes when I read to him, but he doesn’t really look at the book and just smiles at me instead. What can I say? The kid loves me.


That brings me to some of the things he’s not liking these days. He’s still not liking tummy time and rolls right over to his back. He hates when Tim or I leave a room. By “leave a room” I mean “go into the kitchen where he can still see me to get water.” Getting dressed is the worst – particularly when a shirt needs to go over his head.


We’ll end this on a positive note. Overall, Dominic is a happy boy. He loves talking to us. We’re still getting growls but much more cooing as well. He is a smiley baby for the most part. He is a smiley baby always at 4 AM. He loves car rides (hence the drive to get him to sleep the other day). He is still loving baths, thankfully. Gets all nice and calm in there. He loves when mommy sings and dances for him and I’ve never felt more like a circus performer in my life. It is the best.

  1. I had that mat and the swing. Couldn’t do without the swing for naps. But in a way I wish she would have been more used to sleeping without a moving object.

    Enjoy it! I can’t believe mine us 2.5yrs old.

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