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Five Thing Friday, 1.12.18

January 12, 2018

Hi, friends! Another blog post brought to you by middle of the night wake-ups.

1. The people have spoken.

I feel like this will actually be a good show to watch for people who aren’t normally fans of the show because there’s a competitive aspect to it and not just Arie and his  “pillow lips” (BARF BARF BARF ALL OVER).

2. If #Oprah2020 becomes a thing, I give up. She may be better than the alternative, but come on. According to BFF Gayle, she had no intention of running, so stop putting ideas in her head. 

This. I forgot how much I love Seth. Let’s learn from our mistakes, shall we?

3. And on that note, I was cracking up watching this.

4. Me, every day.


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5. That’s all I can think of at 3AM. Have a great weekend!

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