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The Bachelor Arie, Week 3: Wrestling, Napa Valley, and a Dog Show

January 16, 2018

I still can’t believe Arie is pretending to not be a creep, but here we are at week three.

Group Date #1 

The ladies were told they’d be wrestling in front of a live audience. Arie was excited because he knew it would be one of those dates that would be “uncomfortable for all of us.” Arie, that is every date with you. The ladies were coached by former professional female wrestlers. Bibiana cried because one of them made fun of her name. Tia cried because they pulled her ponytail and told her she wasn’t fierce enough. I cried because I was laughing. They were SO brave and went back to learn how to fake wrestle.

At the live show, Chris Harrison continued Arie’s “kissing bandit” reputation which is disturbing. Arie wrestled Kenny from Rachel’s season and some of the ladies were definitely ready to ditch Arie and leave with Kenny. I really wanted Kenny to beat the crap out of him but Arie ended up “winning.”

This guy is such a tool.

The girls routines were so strange. Some were actually hurting each other, others were weirdly sexual, and it was just so uncomfortable. But, like Arie says, any one spending time with him is going to be uncomfortable.

  • Arie told Krystal he needs to check himself around her on group dates because she’s so sexy. Ew.
  • Bibiana brought up the fact that she hates Krystal, which is always the biggest mistake.
  • Arie told Tia he was happy he able to comfort her because it makes him feel like a man. Is he a real person?
  • Bekah told Arie that her longest relationship was 3 years and they broke up because they were going in different directions. I assume this was a high school relationship and they were going to different colleges since I’m still not sure if this girl is out of college yet.
  • Krystal thinks she has the strongest relationship with Arie and everyone else is living in a false reality. Oh honey, everyone on this show is in a false reality.
  • Bekah got the group date rose.

One-on-one Date with Lauren S.

Lauren’s card said “you had me at merlot” and she cleverly concluded that their date would probably involve wine. Wow, you are smart! Not surprisingly, Lauren S. and Arie took a private plane to Napa Valley. They drank wine and talked about how they are both old and go to bed early.

At dinner, Lauren rambled about her exes, her job, and her family, and Arie barely spoke. He ended up sending her home and she said she couldn’t be herself around him – probably because he makes everyone uncomfortable. You are better off, my friend.

Group Date #2

When the ladies read the group card, Annaliese was freaking out about the date because it involved dogs and she had a traumatic dog experience as a child. I guess the dog was driving the bumper car. They basically had to put on a dog show and none of the dogs cooperated. \

Arie told one of the girls that after Emily dumped him, he dated girls who he knew weren’t right for him. I assume he was referring to teenage sorority girls. Annaliese kept saying that she felt like their relationship wasn’t progressing, so she took the opportunity to barely speak during their solo time.

Arie told the group “Today was really fun. I love today. Today was such a cool day” before giving the rose to Chelsea. Cool story, bro.

Cocktail Party

  • Bibiana set up a private couch with a telescope to use with Arie during their chat. He ended up finding it with Lauren B. and they used it, having no idea who put it there. After that, Arie brought every girl to that bed to talk and make out with them. Hilarious.
  • Bekah told Arie that she knew he liked her because he knows she doesn’t need him. No, you need a parent.
  • He set up bales of hay to sit on with Tia while they drank moonshine because she’s a southern girl. K.
  • Annaliese brought up the fact that they haven’t kissed and Arie told her he didn’t think they were “there yet.” This guy basically kisses anything with a surface, so I think that’s your hint, girl. She went back to ask if he saw any potential and at least he was honest, and said he didn’t, so she went home.

Rose Ceremony

Bibiana was sent home. She later posted this on Instagram.

Absolutely perfect.

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