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The Bachelor Arie, Week 4: Bekah’s Feeling 22 – Oh Wait, She Is 22

January 24, 2018

At the start of Monday night’s episode, the gals were discussing Bekah and Arie’s 14 year age difference because at 25, they are wise beyond their years and know that an 11 year age difference is WAY better.

Chris Harrison came to tell the ladies they’d be leaving their secluded LA mansion to travel “around the world” with the first stop in Lake Tahoe.

One-on-one Date with Seinne

Seinne and Arie left for their date while the ladies talked about how they probably don’t have a romantic connection, but gasped when they stalked them via binoculars and saw they were parasailing. Arie later told Seinne that he asked her on the date because they had only spoken for 10 seconds but she was an amazing kisser. That’s all this horny bastard needs. Arie told Seinne that he hadn’t been in love in 5 years because he never dated someone who was ready for marriage. Yes, Arie, teenagers typically aren’t ready for marriage, you perv. Seinne built up the fact that she’s an intelligent black woman and we need to see more love stories involving black men and women, successfully setting herself up to be the next bachelorette. Arie gave her the rose and they ended the night dancing at a Lanco concert. They pretended to know who Lanco was, as did the crowd of strangers cheering for them.

Back at the house, Maquel went home after her mom called to tell her that her grandfather passed away. Marikh said it must be so difficult because she remembers when her grandmother passed away, she was with family and had a lot of support. So, the girls were really sympathetic and watched Maquel pack her bags in silence and walk out the door without saying anything to her.

Group Date

Arie took the girls into the wilderness on a fear factor-type date to see if they could survive in the wild. Not sure why that life skill is necessary but okay. Arie pretended to drink his own pee – that JOKESTER it was just apple juice – and they ate bugs. Kendall the taxidermy lover was all about this date and ate bugs like they were her favorite snack. They split up into teams and had to navigate through the woods. The ladies who weren’t on Arie’s team were pissed because the other girls got to spend more time with him. Krystal was annoyed because she just wanted to sit with Arie and talk to him and not have other girls around. There’s always one girl who has no idea what show she signed up for.

Krystal kept mentioning her wonderful connection with Arie and kept calling the rest of the girls desperate. She told Arie she feels like she’s being targeted because people are threatened by her and told us she thinks she’s above everyone else. Oh honey, this show was made for you. Krystal told Tia and Caroline that her feelings were hurt and Tia was like that’s how you make us feel every day I don’t have time for your irritating voice. Tia ended up getting the rose and Krystal was so pissed. She later whined that she is flawless and misunderstood. K.

One-on-One with Bekah

Arie said he felt really great about Bekah because she is more mature than the high school students he’s dated in the past.  They went horseback riding and then made out in a hot tub in the woods. I wonder if it’s the same hot tub that’s been used in other seasons of this show in the middle of nowhere. Arie kept talking about how boring he’s become in his old age and how much he’s slowed down since his late 20s and he’s worried that Bekah is not old and boring like him. She eventually told him that she is 22 and he claimed he was concerned but he gave her the rose anyway. He sucked her face while putting his fingers through her earring hoops. I was seriously scared he was going to rip them out. All the man does is brush women’s hair out of their face so he literally doesn’t know what to do when someone has short hair. I guess these hoops will do.

Rose Ceremony

Chris Harrison showed up to tell the ladies that the cocktail party was canceled because Arie already knew who he wanted to send home. Side note: Remember in the olden days when they had to go into a room and look at all the girls’ pictures before rose ceremonies? Classic. Let’s bring that back. Krystal pulled Arie aside to talk to him right as he was about to hand out the first rose.

Arie sent home Brittany and Caroline. They both cried. Why don’t these people realize how much he sucks? Ladies, you’re better off. I promise.

During the credits, we caught a glimpse of a little confrontation when Marikh accused Chelsea of glam-shaming her. I DIE. More this, less Krystal, ABC.

  1. I don’t even watch the Bachelor. Or have a TV for that matter but I enjoy your recaps. Is it just me or can an hour of reality television be summarized in a thousand words or less? Regardless, still delicious like an In Touch Weekly that you don’t have to buy chicken to read.

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