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The Bachelor Arie, Week 5: Hurricane Krystal in Fort Lauderdale

January 30, 2018

Last night on The Bachelor, the girls went bowling, Hurricane Krystal rolled into town, Bekah proved herself to be the youngest yet most mature, and Chelsea and Tia have one-on-ones.

Arie and the girls continued their stint “around the world” to exotic Fort Lauderdale which Arie described as the perfect place to fall in love because it has restaurants and yachts.

One-on-one date with Chelsea

Arie took Chelsea on a yacht where they reenacted the scene from Titantic. After some boating, they rode on jet skis while the other girls watched from a telescope on the balcony. I love that the girls left behind are always given binoculars to watch Arie’s dates and look crazy. Later that night, Chelsea and Arie went to a car museum. We learned more about Chelsea’s ex and her son. They later danced to a private concert by someone I’ve never heard of. Nothing really stood out to me from their date, so I’m thinking Arie isn’t that into her.

Back at the house, Maquel came back after she was home for her grandfather’s funeral and the girls pretended to be excited to see her when they were really just concerned there was another girl to compete with again.

Group date

Arie took the girls bowling. After he disgustingly licked a bowling ball, they split into teams and the girls put on t-shirts that they tied up to make into a crop top, lest they have one moment of skin covered. I don’t really know what happened on this date there was just a ton of screaming. The blue team, AKA Krystal’s team won so they got to spend more time with Arie. However, he quickly realized that he liked the girls on the pink team more so he invited them to come along as well.

This really pissed Krystal off. She kept calling Arie a liar because he originally said only the winning team would be continuing on the date. She threw a fit and decided not to go on the date with everyone. All of the girls kept referencing how awful she was on the bus. I need to know what happened on the bus. SHOW US THE BUS FOOTAGE. When the other girls told Arie why she wasn’t there, he decided to go talk to her. For the first time ever, Arie didn’t fall for her manipulative crap. He was clearly annoyed and told Krystal to stay upstairs while he hung out with everyone else.

This obviously wasn’t the response she wanted, so Krystal got all dolled up to go to the party and Bekah was the one to call her out. Shout out to the 22-year-old being the most mature.  Krystal left again when she realized no one liked her and she felt “attacked.”

Lauren B. got the group date rose because Arie felt like he got to know her really well by learning her favorite color and how she likes her coffee.

One-on-one date with Tia

Arie took Tia to explore the Everglades where they ended up at a cabin eating frog legs and fried corn on the cob. Sign me up for the fried corn – that sounds glorious. They both said they liked each others eyes so much that they couldn’t even look at each other. Is that a thing?

Later that night they went to “like an old nautical antique place,” according to Arie. He has a way with words. They actually had a real conversation about faith and religion and I think it’s the first time on the show that anyone talked about something this deep. Way to go, Tia, for bringing it up. She told Arie she was falling in love with him. This is really early for that, isn’t it? Even for this show. He gave her a rose and then they made out against a wooden beam and Tia confessed “I’ve been waiting for you to push me up against something.” Oh, okay.

Cocktail Party

Krystal told the girls she’d be happy to speak with them about her temper tantrum. Kendall was the first to step up and tried to nicely explain that she’s crazy but it didn’t work. Bekah stepped in to ask Krystal why she was still there if she doesn’t trust Arie and doesn’t want to be with someone like him and Krystal just stared at her. When she talked to Arie, he – for the first time ever – remained level-headed and explained that a bowling alley date is the least of their worries if they end up together because life is a bit harder than that. However, he is a sucker and still gave her a rose.

Maquel, Ashley, and Marikh were sent home. I can’t figure out who Arie genuinely likes because he just makes out with everyone. I’m just hoping Krystal gets the boot ASAP.

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