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The Bachelor Arie, Week 6: Welcome to Paris

February 6, 2018

Last night on The Bachelor, Arie and the ladies went to Paris. Arie had one-on-one dates with miserable Lauren B. and too-smart-for-him Jacqueline. Krystal and Kendall had a two-on-one date and the remaining gals had a group date at the Moulin Rouge.

No, Arie, I don’t think you will “wonder” around.

(Thanks for pointing this out, Lex).

The episode began while Arie told Chris Harrison how difficult it was to be dating 10 women because he wants them to be sister wives instead of choosing just one to marry.

One-on-one with Lauren B.

Arie and the last remaining Lauren began their date on a boat ride. Arie told her he was saving the date for her because he doesn’t know her well but he’s so attracted to her. They later walked in silence while Arie occasionally pointed out how pretty something was and she responded each time with “wow.” Arie, along with the rest of us, were hoping to see any sort of personality. Lauren later told Arie that it’s difficult for her to trust people because she was engaged and he ended up being a jerk. Sounds similar to exactly what will happen to whoever ends up engaged to this creepy man. He gave her the group date rose because he needs more time to get into her pants. She looked pissed the entire time.

Group Date

Arie and the girls went to the Moulin Rouge. Arie watched each of the girls dance in their skimpy outfits to decide who he wanted to give the rose to. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this, but Jenna is constantly on uppers right? Bekah M. got the group date rose which meant she and Arie would perform in the show together. It also meant that Arie is continuing to be a pedophile. The rest of the girls had to uncomfortably watch them together in the show.

Two-on-One Date with Krystal and Kendall

Krystal went into the date confident that she’d get the rose and Kendall went in incredibly nervous. They had to find Arie in a maze and Krystal found him first. I’m not really sure what the point of it was other than to waste time. Arie tried to explain to Krystal that she needed to go to him with any concerns she had and she totally agreed because she didn’t want to “throw away the color and texture and depth of their relationship.” What? Arie ate up her lame speech that made no sense like the moron that he is and then ate up her face. Arie told Kendall that Krystal told him she doesn’t think Kendall is ready for marriage. Perhaps that’s up to Kendall, Arie. Kendall later called Krystal out for being a bitch and tried to give her a therapy session. Krystal was basically silent and then later at dinner she told Kendall that she doesn’t want her advice. He ended up giving Kendall the rose and they left Krystal sitting alone at the table. The girls popped champagne and celebrated when they saw Krystal’s bag being taken away.

One-on-one Date with Jacqueline

Arie picked up Jacqueline in a convertible that broke down immediately so they had to take a cab like peasants. They went and got dressed up before going to dinner where Arie told Jacqueline he thought she was too intelligent for him. At least he has some self awareness. They talked about her ambitions and how they are in completely different places in life and would never work out, so Arie ended up giving her the rose.

Rose Ceremony

Jenna and Chelsea were sent home. Arie told the remaining girls they’d be going to Tuscany and they all cheered in excitement, except for Lauren who looked miserable, as usual. She was later talking to the producer about how she’s nervous he’s going to pick someone else. Well, yeah, probably if you act miserable, he will.

  1. He is so boring! And he looks old to be a Bachelor. But anyway, I was disappointed that they didn’t make Krystal leaving a big deal… it’s a huge deal!

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