About Me

Oh Hello. Looks as though you’re an internet creep who wants to know more about bloggers they’ve never met before. I enjoy doing the same thing, so I think we’ll be fast friends.

My name is Erica and I am too close to 30 for comfort. I was married in September 2016, live in the DC area, and am a copywriter by day, blogger by night. My husband, Tim, and I are expecting a baby boy in November.

This blog consists of self-proclaimed hilarious recaps of The Bachelor/ette, rants about Oprah, pregnancy, life, and – did I mention The Bachelor?

Other fun facts

I am an immense celebricizer and am one of those annoying people who thinks Beyonce’ can do no wrong. I mean, she can’t, but whatever.

I like ice cream more than the average person.

I like wine as much as the average person, unless my friends are not average.

Also, pizza, cake, cookies, and Chipotle.

Carrots are poison.

I often talk about food, as you can see.

Consequently, I often complain about my pants not fitting.

Not surprisingly, I also complain about exercising.

I like to pretend I know how to bake and get way too proud when I make something worthwhile.

  1. Erica,
    Thanks very much for the Liebster nomination. I wrote a paragraph about you. Because I don;t always know how comfortable people are with poking fun at themselves I thought I’d give you an opportunity to read what I wrote.

    Send me an email, and I shall send you the bit- my self involved and very pretentious email is such

    Thanks again- I really do appreciate it.

  2. Hi,
    Here’s how I found you and what I got out of it.
    My sweetheart and I are watching the recorded version of the bachelorette. So I had to find out who her “ex” was(chad rookstool) and then google her pics of him. I came across the pic of ben where you put the word Noooo on his pic and the chick with kids(who I knew he’d never pic)Then I came to this page. read the”who are you” part and had to google what an Oxford comma was. (which is what I got outta your blog, not that it’s a bad blog , just not my cup o’ tea.)Ok.that is all….carry on.

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