About Me

Oh Hello. Looks as though you’re an internet creep who wants to know more about bloggers they’ve never met before. I enjoy doing the same thing, so I think we’ll be fast friends.

My name is Erica and I am too close to 30 for comfort. I was married in September 2016, live in the DC area, and am a copywriter by day, blogger by night.

I am an immense celebricizer and am one of those annoying people who thinks Beyonce’ can do no wrong. I mean, she can’t, but whatever.

I like ice cream more than the average person.

I like wine as much as the average person, unless my friends are not average.

Also, pizza, cake, cookies, and Chipotle.

Carrots are poison.

I often talk about food, as you can see.

Consequently, I often complain about my pants not fitting.

Not surprisingly, I also complain about exercising.

I like to pretend I know how to bake and get way too proud when I make something worthwhile.Okay, I really need to stop talking about food. What will you see here? Honestly, this blog mainly consists of hilarious recaps of The Bachelor, rants about Oprah and other annoying people, and general musings on life and adulting. But most The Bachelor…