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The Bachelorette, Week 6: What’s Your Favorite Dinosaur?

By on July 11, 2017

Last night on The Bachelorette, the final 4, along with penguin man and doll man, went to to Geneva, Switzerland with Rachel. Bryan got the first one-on-one date and the guys pretended to be surprised that he is a front runner. They got to drive around in a Bentley and then Rachel bought them each […]

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How We Found Out I Was Pregnant

By on July 10, 2017

I am now¬†22 weeks pregnant, but like a good blogger, I will revisit the moment we found out we’d be welcoming a third tiny (probably massive – thanks, Tim) human into our lives. March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, was pee-on-a-stick day. But I “knew” probably 2 weeks before that. I still have notes in my […]

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Five Thing Friday, 07.07.17

By on July 7, 2017

1. I have finally accepted that my blogging will inconsistent sometimes. I blamed it on that big ole announcement I made yesterday, and that’s definitely part of it, but I also just get into ruts. Ya feel me? Thanks for sticking around (if you have), and I promise I’ll always keep you posted via Instagram […]

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