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The Bachelor Arie, Week 3: Wrestling, Napa Valley, and a Dog Show

By on January 16, 2018

I still can’t believe Arie is pretending to not be a creep, but here we are at week three. Group Date #1  The ladies were told they’d be wrestling in front of a live audience. Arie was excited because he knew it would be one of those dates that would be “uncomfortable for all of us.” Arie, […]

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The Bachelor Arie, Week 2: Demolition Derby and Krystal is the Worst?

By on January 9, 2018

Last night’s episode opened with Arie throwing on a leather jacket and sunglasses before hopping on a motorcycle trying to be cool. Chris Harrison told the ladies that Arie was hopeful one of them would be his wife. They seemed confused. They thought this was a show to get more Instagram followers for their liketoknowit posts. One-on-one […]

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The Bachelor Arie, Week 1: Excitement Makes You Excited to be Alive?

By on January 2, 2018

SECOND CHRISTMAS HAS ARRIVED. Arie’s season of the Bachelor has officially begun and if last night is any indication it is going to be wonderful (mocking-wise, not taking it seriously-wise). If you didn’t know Arie was a racecar driver, you do now. Arie started out by telling us “this is the most important race of […]

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