The Bachelorette, Rachel, Week 1: Creepy Dolls and Blake K. for Bachelor!

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Finding Inspiration for Your Unique Fall Wedding Colors

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WP Beginner Review

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Bachelor Rejects: Where Are They Now? (JAKE PAVELKA)

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Five Thing Friday, 03.10.17

By on March 10, 2017

1. This dry shampoo is the BEST if you have dark hair. I will do anything to avoid washing my hair because along with it comes too much effort via blow drying/styling and I am lazy. Most dry shampoo shows white streaks no matter how much I try to rub/comb/fluff it. This stuff is tinted […]

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The Bachelor Nick, Week 10: Shorts Get Shorter

By on March 7, 2017

Me this entire episode/season: Nick left the fantasy suite he shared with Raven, which has apparently been downgraded to some sort of igloo this season. Raven then told us that Nick is “good at what he does,” so she was “satisfied.” I AM STILL VOMITING after this information. There was a celebratory montage of her […]

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Five Thing Friday, 03.03.2017

By on March 3, 2017

1. Nick was announced as a Dancing with the Stars contestant and his Twitter fans are angry because he looks like he’s only in it for the “fame.” I’m confused. Did the fact that he’s taking acting classes and currently on his fourth season of a Bachelor-related show not give it away? Perhaps this photo […]

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