Five Thing Friday, 10.14.16

Wow, 1 post per week?! I'm really putting in the effort again. Slow and steady, right? 1. I finished How I Met Your Mother this week and like everyone else (2 years ago) I was fuming after the last episode and here's why *Spoiler alert y'all* I read spoilers myself so I knew the mother had died … Continue reading Five Thing Friday, 10.14.16

Five Thing Friday, 10.07.16

Who new I needed to have a full time job to start blogging again? Am I allowed to just jump into a 5 thing Friday? Yes I am because this is my blog, damnit! 1. That's right. I am no longer funemployed. As predicted, I am already longing for those days. I started about 2 … Continue reading Five Thing Friday, 10.07.16